Lousy service in oklahoma


    Okay I arrived in Oklahoma City last Thursday. Attempted to call the wife and daughter and after several failed attempts I finally got a no service available message. I waited a while tried again several times with no luck. Waited and tried again to call the wife, I got the emergency calls only message.

    So I thought okay T-Mobile is doing some work on their cell grid or they are having issues.

    Friday morning. I have no service, zero bars I am only able to make emergency calls. I can't even send text messages.

    Finally Friday afternoon my phone rings (once)

    When I check the call log, it didn't show who called. A few hours after the call I get a voicemail alert. I try to check my voicemail I can't. I can call and call and call and call I can't connect.

    Finally around 3pm Friday I start being able to send and receive text messages. By 7pm I couldn't send or receive text messages or phone calls. This lasted till Saturday evening.  Around 8 pm my phone started to ring it's the wife. I was very very happy

    I am able to answer and I hear nothing. Okay drop call no problem. I call back and on my phone it says calling after 30 seconds I gave up. I waited for about an hour tried again and I get the emergency calls only message. I had tried to send a text but it wouldn't go through.

    Sunday and Monday I was unable to make or recieve calls. Texting was spotty. So my primary way to communicating has been by e-mail.

    Have to say I am not thrilled with T-Mobile and this is just more reason to leave.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Lousy service in oklahoma

        Hey, joe1994!


        When traveling it's always important to be able to keep in touch with family along with others. I'm sorry this has been an issue for almost a week. I'd love to see if I can figure out what's going on. Please let me know what zip code you experienced this in while in OKC along with what type of phone you're currently using?

          • joe1994

            Re: Lousy service in oklahoma

            I am using an LG g6. The zip code 73228. I posted my original thread on Tuesday at 7:38am. Shortly after I posted I started getting alerts that the mobile network was done followed by no voice services or data services available. This last all day. My only way to communicate was by email.

            Around 4 or 5 pm Oklahoma time I started getting text messages. While I was able to receive I could not send. Calls incoming and outgoing were also a major no go.

            Wednesday I was able to receive two calls. The call quality was ho9 but at least they came through. Problem was both calls ended up dropping and I was never ever able to call anyone sucesfully. I could call but it would just dial and hang up or I would get the emergency calls only, mobile network is down, no voice services available, etc.

            Several people told T-Mobile simply doesn't work in the area and hasn't for a number of years. I was told that if I was outside and moved around I might get a connection. I try it and several times on Saturday and Sunday I managed to get a temporary connection for a minute at the longest.

            I was informed that too be able to make calls you needed verizion or a satellite phone (which Appearently several truck driver's use)

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Lousy service in oklahoma

                Thanks for getting back to me. That zip code doesn't seem to be valid but I searched the 73128 area (OKC area zip code that's similar to what you posted) and I see decent signal available for your LG G6. Again, I'm sorry we've left you to rely on email communication only. Can you try following these steps to switch to 2G mode (GSM only) and see if you're able to send/receive calls and texts?

                • tmo_amanda

                  Re: Lousy service in oklahoma

                  Hey there! If you're still in the OKC area, did you have a chance to switch your phone over to 2G mode to see if that helped? Keep me posted if you're still having issues picking up a signal.

                    • ehop6481@hotmail.com

                      Re: Lousy service in oklahoma

                      My problem is Conway sc


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                      • joe1994

                        Re: Lousy service in oklahoma

                        I was in Oklahoma City till that Thursday. Wednesday I was able to receive the two incoming calls with poor quality.  And that was it. I tried switching the phone to the 3g and 3g network . I even tried using the roaming feature tried to switch over to another carrier.

                        Nothing work.

                        Sorry for the late response. I finally got around to getting a verVeri perpaid phone. I have been bouncing back and forth between TMobile and Verizon and haven't had any serious communication issuez. I am using both phones as GPS guides. To give credit the 4G was TMobile actually worked better in Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri then Verizon.  In Oklahoma city I went back through there and again had absolutely no service. In Phoenix I could hear people but they could not hear me. For service quality Verizon beat T-Mobile in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona. New Mexico was a draw.

                        And there was serious improvement in Iowa. I am starting to really think it's the device it's self.