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    I'm experiencing poor reception in my iPhone X. Usually poor data service (usually 2 bars, sometime 1 bars) in the Bellevue/Redmond WA area (zip code 98005, 98004) and around downtown Issaquah. Overall, data access is horrible. Issaquah Costco has 0 data access. What options do I have left?  I have called TMOB CS, resetted phone and  connection; visited the store, got a new SIM... no improvement.


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      • theartiszan

        Re: Poor reception iPhone X

        Have you used any other devices with T-Mobile in the same area and the service was better, or know anyone else with a T-Mobile device that is having better service. I am wondering if it might be something with that specific phone.

        I have a pixel 2 xl and in certain areas, the phone doesn't change bands and becomes almost unusable. But when I use my Samsung s9 in the same area it works much better. Possibly you are seeing the same thing.

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Poor reception iPhone X

          Hey, Jito!


          I checked out the two areas you referenced and don't see anything notable going on that would cause your iPhone X to get such a poor connection. As theartiszan asked above, with other devices did you have the same experience in those two locations? Did this start after a recent software update? Lastly, do you happen to have a different phone to test your SIM in to see if you pick up a stronger signal? I don't think the SIM is the issue but at least that can be eliminated as a potential cause.

            • redstar_opal

              Re: Poor reception iPhone X

              Hi. In my situation, it's my phone only in my householD. My son has a Samsung S8 and my neighbors have a mix of older iPhones and Samsung's. I put my SIM in my sons phone tonight and signal is just fine just as he experiencea with his SIM. My signal is very low no matter where I go. Whether it's Santa Monica, Pasadena, San Fernando Valley or San Gabriel Valley. And it didn't start when got my phone. I think it only started occurring recently when I updated to iOS 12.0. As it's been really annoying, hard to ignore.

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: Poor reception iPhone X

              Happy Monday! I just wanted to stop by to see if you've had a chance to read the last two posts on your thread. If you're still having issues with the signal on your iPhone, please get back to us with answers to the above questions.

              • redstar_opal

                Re: Poor reception iPhone X

                im having same issues. I usually only get 1 bar. This started once I updated to iOS 12. The issue occurs no matter where I'm at. Home, work, out in the neighborhood, visiting family or friends. My WiFi connections also don't stay connected longer than 5 minutes has anyone experiencI gotta issue updated to latest 12.1 that can confirm whether or not update resolved signal issues?


                What ive done:

                reset network settings

                reset settings

                toggle airplane mode on/off

                disabled WiFi assist

                confirmed cellar data enabled for voice and data

                reinsto SIM

                erased phone to reinstalled os

                • ukkis

                  Re: Poor reception iPhone X

                  I actually have the same issue - very poor service/low signal on iPhone X. Family members with other iPhone models have much better service, seems to be specific to the X model. I’ve reset everything, including network settings and was told by TMCS that it may be an issue with the iPhone X antennae on the TM network. Any advice or assistance greatly appreciated!