Simple choice 22g hotspot vs one plus international


    Recently I made the switch from simple choice with 22g hotspot option to one with plus international unlimited hotspot. I made this decision because I was told by a senior account rep that when using your one plus international the data used by hotspot does not count twords the 50g shadow cap everyone is subject to and that 50g shadow cap only applies to your handset data used with this plan. That this is why the plan is no longer offered.


    I am now thinking this is not true at all. I spoke with someone in technical support who said everything is subject to the 50g cap however this is not my main problem.


    With simple choice and 22g hotspot binge on was enabled. I was able to tether basically all of the video I wanted from binge on partners without ever touching my hotspot data cap or the shadow 50g cap. I was told by the senior accounts rep (I mentioned when deciding to switch) that binge on would not even matter with one plus international because anything used by hotspot did not count twords any cap including the 50g shadow cap. That I could and people were blowing out 100s of g of data with no slow down.


    After one evening of watching YouTube I consumed 5g of data that is listed in both areas of my data consumption. That is 1/10 of the shadow 50g cap in one night. Using hotspot to a PC firefox browser.


    So it seems to me that it would have been far more worth it to keep my simple choice + 22g hotspot over one plus international because there is no binge on with one plus, the data does count twords the shadow cap and in one night I've used more data than I ever had with my previous plan.


    Can anyone tell me otherwise? Is firefox not an supported browser?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, alex86!


        From reading through your situation, I definitely agree that the Simple Choice plan was the better option for your usage.  With the ONE Plus plan, when using your hotspot on your browser for YouTube, the data counts towards your usage. I'm so sorry you were told otherwise because I really feel like you would've kept your original plan.


        Please let me know if that answers your question or if you have any other questions.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Hi there. Please take a look at Amanda's reply and let us know if you have more questions.

            • alex86

              Still not entirely clear. I'm specifically talking about one plus INTERNATIONAL. The plan that is no longer offered but has an unlimited hotspot. Not just one plus. I can read all plans are subject to a 50g shadow cap. However why would someone be so adamant this was not the case with this plan. Seemed like this rep for sure knew no doubt no questions. Like they had done it. When I have asked otherwise its, "Hold on let me see" and answers I have heard basically refer to the small print. I have seen and have read it, before I ever even contacted tmo.


              2nd question would be why do one plans not include binge on? The advertisement is , "Stream UNLIMITED entertainment. Video at DVD quality. 480p." Well it's pretty far from unlimited if you can use 30g in 5 days watching youtube alone? Why mention the video specific at all if  all data on the one plans is treated the same. Why act like Binge on is no longer a benefit over the one plans? Seems pretty bogus to go from a plan that was unlimited before but included binge on to a plan now that is the same but with out binge on when it is advertised as watch as much video as you want. Because that is not the case what so ever. Find it pretty hard to believe most users are not getting near 50g with out binge on. 5 days watching YouTube in 480 =30g on a one plan. 30g would have been a whole month of you tube in 480 on a simple choice w binge on.

                • magentatechie

                  Binge On isn't included because it isn't necessary with an unlimited data plan.  I can assure you that even whitelisted data (Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, etc) counts towards the 50 GB "limit".  The main feature of Binge On is reduction of the resolution of video, thus allowing for more hours of streaming verses streaming higher than 480p.  You can change the resolution of video yourself to the same effect.


                  I can also tell you that I've spoken to folks who have used well over that amount in a month, 100GB just the other day, and they weren't calling in about slow data.  The slow down only occurs during periods of congestion so some people never experience it at all, it depends on location mostly.