Tmobile's Hamster Wheel


    I have been a loyal customer of T mobile for over 15 years. I’m usually very satisfied with their customer service but this last encounter I had with the customer service/warranty/insurance department has left me quite displeased. I feel like I have been getting the run around for almost a week now. I have not been able to use my phone for almost a month now. The touch screen is unresponsive, only the home button works. There's a flickering white/grey bar that constantly appears at the top of my screen causing my phone to glitch and freeze. According to Google my phone has touch disease which is a design issue. Apparently this is a common issue that folks with the Iphone 6 S have been reporting and experiencing. I called in last week and after getting the run around and being transferred to several different departments,  I was finally told that since there is no sign of physical damage on my device (i.e. scratches, cracks, etc) that I need to file a carrier handling claim. Which I did and was told that I was experiencing a mechanical issue with the device which should be covered by the warranty. The warranty department shipped out a replacement phone to my local T mobile store on Friday, Oct. 19th. I spent the whole weekend excited and anxiously anticipating finally being able to get my replacement phone. Yesterday when I went to pick up my replacement phone the representative there told me that they couldn’t give me the replacement phone because she couldn’t locate the water damage indicator on my device. She was VERY unhelpful and simply told me that she couldn’t give me the replacement phone and that I would need to file an insurance claim. Today I speak with the insurance department and they tell me that although they’re not sure it’s an insurance issue because there’s no physical sign of damage to the phone.. I could still file the claim. I go through the whole process of filing a claim (30 mins) for her to tell me at the end that in order to process the claim I need to pay a $175 deductible!!!! I don’t think that’s fair to pay that amount especially if there’s no physical damage to the phone!! I am outraged because I was promised one thing and still don’t have a working phone. What am I supposed to do now? Is the best option to take it to a T mobile store??? I work 50+ hour weeks.. I rarely have time for myself let alone to sit in a t mobile store in hopes that they provide HELPFUL, quality service. Which is NOT what I’ve received thus far.  I’m tired of getting the run around. I just want a working phone. I don’t understand why there isn’t a more simplified, helpful process. Please help.

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        That's a bummer your device isn't usable like it should be. I totally think you need a replacement phone too. I know with this phone, we'll need a otoscope to be able to find the LDI. Did the store rep have this device when they were looking for it? If not, have you gone to another store to see if they could use this device to locate the indicator. I know that's not a super convenient thing to do with you work schedule, but I do want you to have a working phone.

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          I just wanted to swing by to echo what MC had to say -- this shouldn't have happened. I know that if you haven't picked up your device within a certain time frame it is returned back to our warehouse and I'd hate for that to happen especially when you're in desperate need of a replacement. If for some reason the device has been returned back to the warehouse, you may want to give your TEX team (Team of Experts) a call via 611 or work with T-Force over Facebook/Twitter to see if an exception can be made to ship your warranty replacement directly to you.