calls going directly to voicemail, inconsistent notifications


    Earlier today I tried to join a webex call using my phone, and the calls went directly to voicemail instead of my phone ringing (my coworkers at the office got to listen to my voicemail announcement repeatedly in the conference room while I tried to figure out what was happening).


    At first, I thought it was just something weird about the one number, but I've been trying to test it since, and it does not appear to be consistent.


    Just to add to the confusion, some of the calls show up in my phone call log, some don't. And the notification from visual voicemail isn't consistent either.


    To be clear, I don't think this has anything to do with webex per se, that just made the issue very visible, since I was literally calling my own number with my phone in my hand and seeing nothing happen, then going into visual voicemail and finding a message there from the missed call.


    I've looked through some posts about similar issues, and tried checking settings, but haven't found anything that seems relevant.

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