One Plus 6 question?


    Hey, everyone, I know it has been a while but I have been considering buying a One Plus 6 phone. I know this phone is not a T-mobile branded device so I wanted to make sure that it has 100% support for the network. Basically, does it support Band 71, as well as all the other technologies on the network? Will Wi-Fi calling and RCS work? If it doesn't that is fine I will just go from my S8 to the S9+ or wait for the S10. The reason I am so focused on Band 71 support is that coverage has been added to State College, PA which is where I live year round now. Coverage here is pretty solid when on the University campus but struggles out by my apartment. Also One Plus has a more recent version of Android with less of the bloat you will find on a carrier branded phone. When I first came to T-mobile I used the iPhone 6 I then began using the Nexus 6p which was one of my favorite phones thanks to regular updates. Sadly the Pixel line has been lackluster and I know that unlocked phones can have issues.


    Thank you, everyone, in advance for reading this over and any feedback. I figure a 2nd pair of eyes can make sure that I am correct in my assumption that it will work no problems.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: One Plus 6 question?

        Hey Dragon! Looks like it does have band 71!


        As for WiFi calling and RCS, that is going to be up in the air. As you probably know, we cannot guarantee the functionality of all features on phones that were not sold by us.

          • dragon1562

            Re: One Plus 6 question?

            Thank you for the information hopefully someone who has used the one plus brand can confirm if wi-fi calling will work. I know with my Nexus 6p which was unlocked and not sold by T-mobile that functionality worked and it would be bad if that didn't work. So I would like to wait and see. I like Samsung so like I said worse comes to worse I will just stick with them. They even have a good promo going on where they will give double the trade in value on their site so it makes the price points comparable.


            To be clear though from a wireless standpoint the One Plus 6 will work on the network as far as LTE is concerned?