Phone stolen, how do i lock sim card?


    My phone was stolen last night and I am currently in Europe, I can't access My T-Mobile because the they are "implementing PIN/Passcodes as an additional security measure." and only offer a text message to the phone number as a location to send the code. I can access the email that is registered with the account. Can I buy a sim card in Europe and have them activate that on my account? I'm worried that if someone gained access to my phone they could reset my accounts just by using the text message verification.

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      • gramps28

        Re: Phone stolen, how do i lock sim card?

        Contact T-Force through Tmobile's Facebook page via messenger and report the phone as stolen then ask them about options of restoring your service while out of the country.

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          • hobbit

            Re: Phone stolen, how do i lock sim card?

            Think about that for a minute.  If someone has two-factor auth enabled for their FB or

            twitter account, that doesn't really help them if the phone is gone, right?  Like I

            said in another thread, this sounds *discriminatory* against those who avoid

            social media.  If T-force is so all-powerful, WHY isn't there a more straightforward

            way of reaching them??


            Sorry, I know that doesn't help with recovery, but suppliers of advice need to keep

            the range of possible circumstances in mind, and T-Mo needs to be a little more

            accomodating about this.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Phone stolen, how do i lock sim card?

            Sorry to hear your phone was stolen. You'll definitely want to Contact Us through our social channels or by calling if you have another line you can use. Our account specialists can make sure you're taken care of.

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            • syaoran

              Re: Phone stolen, how do i lock sim card?

              I don't use Facebook either and my girlfriend doesn't as well.  With the major privacy and security issues of social media combined with being the largest spreader of fake news.  T-Mobile needs to make it easier for customers in situations like this to get in contact with someone that can help them. 

              • jeffvizcaino

                Re: Phone stolen, how do i lock sim card?

                Using social media would not have helped because I was using a backup phone and the "device was unknown/unrecognized" and required verification or 2 factor authentication to a phone number I did not have access to.


                I got around the issue by using the My T-Mobile app and chatting with support through there. Apparently the app does not need as much verification as the website.


                It seems strange that Facebook/Twitter is an option but email or chatting without signing in isn't.