Full 4G LTE but 0.XX data speeds and bad reception (battery drain)


    I have moved to a new location, Renton, Washington to be exact and my phone is showing full 4G LTE and is at 4/5 bars. For some reason, as soon as I get in the vicinity of the house, my data dies. I have worked with the T Mobile exports for probably close to two hours in trouble shooting and they can't find anything on their end. They said they will send out a Service Engineer to take a look at the location, so I am waiting on if they get back to me. I had my buddy and his wife come over who were both on T Mobile and they had the same issue.  Funny thing is that they live a mile in a half from me and they never had an issue.  I have done a speed test and my phone is looking for towers in Oregon when I am testing in the backyard of the house.  The worst part is is that my phone battery tanks.  It will go from 80% to 35% in four hours of me not touching it (probably looking for service). I am on the S9+ and my wife is on the Iphone 8 and we both experience the same issue. Lastly, anyone that has talked to me at the location has told me that it's hard to hear me from their end and I cut in and out.

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