Coverage - Grand Rapids/Wyoming, MI


    Good afternoon.  This morning I called customer care about weak signal and sometimes no call/data connectivity. They did an outstanding job checking into my concerns, but I still have a few questions.


    Basically, I am seeing a problem of weak signal while on Band 12. At this location I used to stay on Band 4 most of the time, with the exception of when I went to the interior of the building, and it would move to Band 12 as expected.  Anyway, in the past 6 months or so, I have been on Band 12, whether outside or inside the building. The main explanation I get when asking Customer Care is -"tower modernization".  They said they opened a ticket with network engineering for this, so I am not certain if I will hear back them.  They also went on to say that Band 71 is active in my area. I find this ironic, as I have yet to pick it up anywhere in the Grand Rapids area. There is plenty of Band 12, but no Band 71 from what I've seen. I have a GS9, so no worries about 600 mhz capabilities.


    If anyone has more information about the Band 71 and tower modernization in the Grand Rapids area, please let us know. 


    FYI..the address in question is 5675 Burlingame Avenue Southwest A, Wyoming, MI 49509



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