Poor  data speeds  in Fremont California


    This is  a city  in silicon valley,  where  technology  is  expected  to be  at their very best.   But,  ever since  Tmobile  started upgrading their network a year or two ago,  the quality of  their  service  took a dive.   I can not expect  LTE  speeds  across  this region/city.   In some places  i will get  LTE speeds, but just drive couple of blocks,  and the speed would drop to  3G  levels (or even 2G speeds).   Following  is a  screenshot   of  my  speed test results,  that were conducted  on different  times/days.  All tests  were within  a 5 mile radius.    I have to acknowledge  that  about half the  tests are not shown here (because i would terminate the test  since the  expected  LTE  speed would show up in the download  test of  SPEEDTEST  app).   Clearly,  the network  around here is  congested,  but that is  no  excuse.  TMobile   continues to  add  customers,  take their money,  but not investing enough  of their profits into  immediate infrastructure improvements.   I have stayed with  Tmobile for  over 2 decades,  because  of their  customer service.   I am starting to  see a  degradation in their  services lately.   Hope they fix issues  soon......



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      • drnewcomb2

        In some areas T-Mobile just has too many customers, "Built for unlimited" only goes so far and can't override physics and math. Maybe if the Sprint merger is approved T-Mobile can pull Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum into the mix and fix some of these overload issues.


        What phone are you using?

        • magenta5919070

          This is not the only  issue  i have.  I  am using  Samsung galaxy S4 running  Android 4.4.4  (because  tmobile  will  not provide further updates, even though  samsung  has provided  Android  5.x  to  tmobile).    I have other serious  issues  because  of  this latest effort  to  upgrade their network.....

          For further info  about  Tmobile  upgrade to their network and  the pros and cons of that..... read  https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/06/new-t-mobile-upgrade-may-boost-your-coverage-if-you-have-the-right-phone/


          More serious issue for me is  SMS  not  getting delivered promptly.   Sometimes,  literally  it would take 3 or 4 hours before i see an SMS from my wife.  I had tests done for this and found out  that the  SMS  gets piled up at the server side,  and  only  when enough accumulate  they get priority.  Since i do not use SMS  that much,  this means that  3 or 4 messages would accumulate over  hours  and then when i   send out an SMS  then  all incoming all  delivered  after hours of  delay.   I called  and spoke to a T-mobile  technical  team  representative.  His explanation was that my phone was old !!!!   I opened a trouble ticket  for  no  resolution.  Come on,  this is only a 4 year old phone  and  has  the following  specs.....

          GSM :  850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
          UMTS: 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz

          LTE  :  Bands 18, 5, 8, 3, 1, 7


          There is  something  seriously  wrong  if  Tmobile  does  not  deliver  proper services, after selling a phone to me 4 years ago.  These kind of practices, over  long  haul would backfire  because   people like me would switch to  Sprint or ATT  after  being with  Tmobile  for  over 2 decades.

            • drnewcomb2

              You do know that T-Mobile does not use any of the LTE bands 18, 5*, 8, 3, 1 or 7? This leaves your phone only compatible with GSM 1900 and UMTS 1900.


              *They do have band 5 LTE in Myrtle Beach, SC.

                • magenta5919070

                  I  need to  call tech support again.   I  did not know the fact you pointed out.  So,  in  SF  bay area  only  the 1900 ah ?  I don't  know why the last tech i talked to   was   rambling  about  600 and 700  bands in bay area.    I am also  having problem  of   telephone calls  not  coming  through  (in the past few months).   One  would think   Tmobile  would atleast  let  incoming calls  register on my phone,  but they are going to voice mail directly.   They  sold me  crap  service and  a phone,  just 4 years  ago.   So,  one is to  assume  that  tmobile  will  sell  me service,  but  not deliver on the phone calls ?   No   Tmobile rep  has  answered me here yet !!

                    • drnewcomb2

                      You might also want to recheck your source of band information for that phone. According to GSMarena.com, no S4 every had band 18. What is the exact model number of your S4 (e.g. I9500, I9505G)?

                        • magenta5919070

                          Thank you for your  replies.  My  source of  info  about my  SGH-M919   was   phonearena.com.   I  also  noticed  that  the following  two web pages explain  the  frequencies/bands   used  by  T-mobile.   (Useful  for anyone who  stumbles on this page in future, because there are still lot of  S4  out there).   My phone practically  stopped  ringing  for incoming phone calls in   SF bay area.   SMS  is getting  piled up in server  end for  hours  (sometimes).   Called  customer support  again yesterday.   Definitely  there is a problem in the software that is running  in  Tmobile  towers  in  east  bay area, and  they are lazy  to fix it  because  most of the crowd  has bought  new phones  in  this rich  neighbourhood.





                          I am paying attention to bands,  now that i am ready to buy another phone  OR  switch to another carrier.   BTW,  it is worth mentioning that  the  firmware update from  Tmobile  for this phone  does not support  voLTE,   which  this  hardware  supports (according  my search on net).   So,  the phone will drop out of   4G LTE  when a  voice call is going on.


                          According to the above Tmobile  document link,  band 5  is supported  by  Tmobile, and  that is the only way i can get  4G  LTE  on my phone.  It does show  the  4G-LTE  icon at top,  when i  disconnect the wifi  and connect directly to the  cell towers.   When i place a voice call,  the icon will change to  4G. (I guess  HSPA level).

                            • drnewcomb2

                              I can assure you that while T-Mobile may "support" band 5 for roaming, the only market where T-Mobile has a license to operate in band-5 (850 MHz cellular band) is Myrtle Beach, SC. This license, T-Mobile inherited as part of the Metro PCS merger. 


                              I'm also looking for a new phone that operates on T-Mobile, as my current phone is rather long of tooth. One issue is that some of the models that have recently been approved for the new 600 MHz band (#71) are not approved for bands 25, 26 & 41, which would come to T-Mobile if the merger with Sprint is approved. So, as things stand right now, a new phone to use on T-Mobile should have bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 26, 41, 66 & 71 for domestic use and at least 1, 3 & 7 for international roaming.

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