***CLOSED***National Jersey Friday - Jersey Giveaway ***CLOSED***


    Hey, T-Mobile Community! It's National Jersey Friday, and we want to see your team spirit!


    Do you have a sacred jersey that you only wear on game day and refuse to wash all season because it's bad luck? Did you drop a cool $100 on a super official league jersey that you’re scared to wash because you don't want to ruin it? If so, y'all should really wash your clothes, ‘cause the stink factor at this point in the season is probably reaching critical levels.


    Anyway, if you own a jersey, we have a contest for you! Show us how you celebrate game day (or any day) by putting on your favorite jersey and taking a picture. It doesn't actually have to be a football jersey -- we'd love to see you rep the t-ball team you coach or the soccer team you root for, or just show your pride in any jersey you own!


    You can take a selfie or have a friend help with that perfect posed shot. Post your picture below for a chance to win a T-Mobile jersey or a T-Mobile backpack so you can show off your team pride and your #TeamMagenta pride!


    The Contest

    Starting this afternoon, 11/2/2018, through 11/18/2018, we want you to put on your jerseys, snap a pic, and share with us here. Once the deadline for entries closes, our T-Mobile Support Community staff will select three winners – a first place prize winner and two runners up. We’ll be judging entries based on creativity, commitment to your theme/team, and how much you can integrate that sweet jersey into your shot. Don't be afraid to get crazy (but stay safe).


    If you’re the lucky first place winner, you’ll get your choice of either our Home Run Jersey or our Cycling Jersey, both highly fashionable and hand woven with Luck Silk from the rare Silkworm of Good Fortune. Wearing this jersey under your team's jersey increases your team’s shot at winning by 0.0021%, which is all you really need sometimes! *  Also, sorry, there’s no such thing as the Silkworm of Good Fortune, and these jerseys are more than likely just a poly blend. They’re still stylish, though!


    If you’re one of the two runner ups, we’ll send you a super awesome T-Mobile Backpack, which you can wear on top of your jersey (over your shoulders, specifically), to increase your team’s shot at winning by 0.0019%! *



    How to Play:

    1. Wash your jersey (optional).
    2. Put on your favorite jersey (head first or arms first, no judgement here!).
    3. Take a picture of yourself wearing the jersey or have a friend take a picture of you in your jersey -- maybe while you’re yelling at the TV as though the coaches can hear you.
    4. Post your picture in the comments below.



    1. Photos must be posted between 11/2/2018 at 3:00 PM ET and 11:59 PM ET 11/18/2018 to qualify.
    2. Keep the photos family friendly, for the love of pigskin!
    3. You have to be at least 18 years old to participate.
    4. Full contest rules can be found here. National Jersey Day Official Rules



    *These statistics are not promises, and data has not been analyzed by any statistician. In fact, no data has been collected. Sorry, guys! FWIW, we’ll root for your teams!

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