No service in Mexico. Here's what I've tried.



    Plan--Simply Prepaid.

    Got to Mexico yesterday. Would have been nice if we could have straightened this out before traveling, but here we are.


    1. T-M sent me a text saying "Welcome to Mexico. Call +1 505 998 3793 for help"  When I dial, I get a message in Spanish that service is not available. I get the same message when dialing 611.

    2. On the website it says I can send T-M a message. When I click on any button referring to that possibility, the page that comes up has no way to send a message. I've tried every conceivable permutation on every page of the website that has any info about messaging. Dead end every time.

    3. The app hasn't worked in the month I've had the service. It says it isn't ready yet. It's being improved.

    4. I'm supposed to be able to view/change plans when signed into the site. All I get there is a static page showing my plan and charges. It keeps asking me to put money on account to pay my bill, even though the money is showing sitting right there to pay the bill two days from now (their choice, not mine).

    Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.


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      • drnewcomb2

        There's supposed to be a $5 charge for using the Simple-Prepaid plan in Mexico and Canada. I have no idea how you go about paying this.

        The fact that you got a text means that the phone is registering on a network.

        Have you sent the service code "#RON#"?

          • mitchtravels

            Hi drnewcomb2,

               I agree. It seemed odd that I continued to get texts from T-Mobile when nothing else worked.

               I didn't know about #RON# before you mentioned it. The only short codes I had found were for billing questions. There's probably a whole list somewhere? I sent the code and received a message in the center of my screen that international roaming has been enabled. The message wasn't really a text, I guess, because it isn't in my log of text messages. I can also receive texts now, and data seems to work now. Thanks very much for that.

               Then I tried calling the help number and 611. I still get the No Servicee Available recording. Any ideas on that part?

               Yes, I can find the info that I should be able to use the phone for just $5 per month. And yes, no info on how to add that service. Still no luck finding a chat option on the website, calling, or messaging T-M.

               Again, thanks for your help. Having the data for maps is very helpful.