Band 71 at State College question?


    Hi everyone, so I just received a new Galaxy S9+ recently which I am super happy about because it has support for Band 71. T-mobile has said State college should have it live in my area but I have yet to connect to it. I was hoping that someone could answer these two main questions.

    1. Is band 71 treated like band 12 as a fall back connection when band 4 is strong?

    2. Where exactly does band 71 cover in my market?


    On the coverage map its hard to discern what form of coverage is covering what but it would be awesome to know for the future as I have not noticed any coverage enhancements going from the S8 that I had originally used. I still connect to bands 2,4, and 12 at State college which is fine for the most part and dead zones still exist where they always have. I appreciate the time and am sorry for all the questions recently.

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