Coverage/Reception change in past week.


         I have followed the trouble shooting for "No signal" and "Call completion" and neither have been any help. We have had T-Mobile at the location for many years and the current coverage map shows "Excellent signal, Verified by customer data". Three different phones, two were taken to the nearest T-Mobile store to be checked out, i.e Sim card tested, multiple calls made, all three phones work fine away from my billing address. Within the past few days we are unable to make or receive almost any calls, text still work, and data seems to work also. Verified WiFi is disabled and disabled WiFi calling on my device, verified connected to T-Mobile network, still unable to make a call.


    I work ~30 miles from address and the phone works as soon as I leave the neighborhood, and other T-mobile phones work on the other side of the neighborhood. I'd like to see if someone at T-Mobile can see if there was work done to a tower nearby in the past few days, or maybe wind damage? I'm unable to call customer service from the location, and when I do get home it's after businesses hours.


    Any help is appreciated.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Coverage/Reception change in past week.

        We appreciate you doing the troubleshooting and I'm sorry this is still an issue. I checked the area and I don't see any reports of the cell sites not working. You'll wanna reach out to our Team of Experts or T-Force folks using our Contact Us page. A Service Complaint can be filed for that area and that'll help get this resolved for that location.