No voice calls.


    Anyone have a problem making or receiving voice calls in one area, but no problem everywhere else? I'm unable to make or receive voice calls at home (no problem with text, streaming or browsing). All normal when away from home!



    Phone: Orbic Slim 5 Android Smartphone (Unlocked) 4G, LTE

    Carrier: T-Mobile.

    Purchase Date: 04/2018

    Signal strength in my area: 0 to 1 bar.

    T-Mobile provided a Signal Booster that gives us 3+ bars 4G LTE.

    replaced SIM.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: No voice calls.

        The different carriers use different VoLTE standards. A phone that works with AT&T or Verizon may not have VoLTE that's compatible with T-Mobile. Unfortunately, it's a bit opaque at the user level and you can't just look for VoLTE "STD ABC123" compliance. It's possible that your phone needs to fall back to GSM or UMTS to make calls and the LTE hotspot does not have that capability.


        If you go to a suburban area and make a call, see if the phone drops back to GSM or UMTS. If it does, it's a sign that the VoLTE is not compatible.

        • redah

          Re: No voice calls.

          It's a bit over my head. I just can't understand how my phone is 'no longer' able to make or receive voice calls at a particular spot (my house, where it was working before), but works fine every where else. TM says that this is due to the system being converted to 5G. Is my house the only area in North America being converted to 5G?

            • drnewcomb2

              Re: No voice calls.

              The "converted to 5G" comment does not make sense. T-Mobile has no active 5G service. However, one way that phones can find themselves obsoleted is if T-Mobile reorganizes signals in a way that leaves a phone behind. Suppose you were in NYC with an old iPhone 3GS, that worked perfectly well on GSM-1900 and UMTS band 2 (1900). To make LTE work better, T-Mobile moves UMTS to band 4 (which the 3GS does not have) and relegates GSM 2G to a few channels stuck in the guard bands of LTE band 2. Suddenly, you go from having slow but usable data and reasonably reliable voice to having virtually no data and very unreliable voice. T-Mobile does not have enough spectrum to spare to spend a lot of time worrying about leaving customers behind who have old (or BYOD) phones. They are charging into the future, which is LTE & 5G NR and not looking back.


              I personally wish that the VoLTE standards used by various phones and carriers were more available. This would allow people to shop for phones that they could be sure would work on their chosen carrier. I don't know why the information seems so secret.

                • redah

                  Re: No voice calls.

                  "The "converted to 5G" comment does not make sense."

                  That was what TM told me in explaining the problem.


                  "customers behind who have old (or BYOD) phones."

                  I asked TM what kind of phone I can buy and bring. They told me that the 'Orbic Slim' was compatible.

                    • tmo_mike_c

                      Re: No voice calls.

                      Usually the best bet for issues like this is to file a Service Complaint for your home address. Is the phone working when you're outside of the home or does that not make a difference?

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