Issue after switching Sprint to T-Mobile , note 8 does not work outside of USA


    Dear user group, I have been sprint customer for long time and have had Note 5 and been outside of USA and no issue getting connected to other network in other countries. Then i upgraded to Note-8 and paid my phone to Sprint and they unlocked. Now i switched to Tmobile  and i am totally fine with in USA.

    But when i went out side of USA, problem started. i do not get welcome message when i arrived to any country.  I went to Turkey phone does not get registred,

    I went to Greece, phone does not get registered on any network , i was on phone with Tmobile customer for LONG time in greece and finally i gave up to talk to them and just get new simcard from greece.

    When i got local greece SIM card, my note-8 worked like a charm.  but it does not work on Tmobile SIM card.

    I got back to USA and went to Tmobile store, no solution.  Recently i travelled to PARIS and same issue, my note-8 with Tmobile card does not get registered on any network .But when i use Tmobile REVVL with tmobile sim card , it works. This is very frustrating and no one is able to help, i am thinking to swtich back to Sprint again thinking my note-8 will work outside of USA, as i love to travel. Does anyone has this issue? any answer ?

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