Problem with my data stalling


    I recently switched from the t-mobile prepaid plan to the t-mobile one plan and have noticed a difference in my data. It shows that my area has good coverage and I have full bars but when I'm on a game or just scrolling through facebook suddenly my data will stall and it stops loading. It will start working again if I exit whatever app I'm on and bring it back up. It driving me crazy because this never happened when I was using the prepaid service. I've already tried contacting T-Mobile and they have tried a few things to try and resolve the issue and it hasn't worked. I don't think it's the phone or the sim card because the other 3 lines on the plan are doing the same thing. I'm about to switch networks if this can't be resolved.

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      • dragon1562

        Re: Problem with my data stalling

        What plan did you have when you were on prepaid? Also, can you run a speed test when this issue happens so we can get a better idea of what's happening? It's possible that the service has nothing to do with the game, especially if the game doesn't require an active connection to be played. As far as Facebook does it like stall on anything specific for example a video. T-mobile one limits videos to 480p and they way they do that is by basically throttling the connection down to apoxmently 1.5mb.