Nothing fixing my Google Maps on Revvl


    Hi there,


    I found a similar post about this but does not address everything I have done. I'm having horrible issues with the gps/Google Maps on my Revvl when it comes to constantly getting disconnected (searching for gps) or even worse, thinking I'm somewhere I'm not and giving me directions that make no sense. I just started Lyft driving and it was working ok but when I had a drive in LA, it kept having to search for the gps to the point where I had to ask my passenger to guide me instead. I've been to a t-mobile store THREE times and every time I get a different explanation or suggestion. The app has been uninstalled, reinstalled, phone has been restarted, sim card removed, restarted again, told I needed a needed a new phone (my revvl is less than a year old!) added unlimited data to my plan and it still sucks. Even driving from one city to another right next to me it still loses the signal. I've gone to the google maps website and followed all instructions and advice given including calibrating my compass. Please help. Very frustrated!

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