Wrong data plan listed in iPad Cellular settings


    I‘m grandfathered on the “200 MB/30 day Free Data for Life” data plan which i set up on my iPad Air 2 four years ago.   My iPad is currently running iOS 12.1.  Up until recently if I went to the iOS Settings -> Cellular screen it woild show that I was on the FDFL plan and show how many MB I have left.   Now it says I’m on a “T-Mobile - No Annual Contract Mobile Internet” plan with 0 bytes left which expires in 73 days.   If I tap Manage T-Mobile Account and log in I can see the correct plan and how much data and days I have left, but it no longer shows that in the Cellular settings.  See screenshots.  I’ve tried rebooting and hard resetting my iPad, but that makes no difference.


    As far as I can tell the plan is still active as I can use mobile data and the data left change when I log into https://mim.t-mobile.com/primary/openPage .  It’s just not displaying the correct plan on the ipad itself.


    Any idea how to get this working? 




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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, morac


        Welcome back! It's been a little while since we've seen you around here on the Support Community! I must say, you've got me stumped with this question. I have two original iPad Airs and both of them show the proper data plan. However, I'm gonna check with my local Apple guru to see if he has any insight on this. I'll get back to you as soon as I hear something back. It'll probably be around Monday.

        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, morac!


          I have a team that would like to look into this more. I'm sending a PM your way. You can check your inbox here.

            • jstoltz456

              I want a solution to this too, please. I called Tmobile customer service a couple weeks ago thinking I had lost my FDFL after my iOS update based on what Tmobile was displaying under the Cellular Data section. The call center section folks need to be trained to handle issues not not already provided on a script. No one of the many people I spoke with even knew what Free Data for Life is. It’s impossible to provide a solution to an issue related to a service you know nothing about

            • jstoltz456

              Re: Wrong data plan listed in iPad Cellular settings

              I have this same issue. Let me know if tmobile provides you with a solution . This issue also started for me after updating the IOS. It’s annoying, because I don’t know how much free data I have remaining. I was given a work around solution of resetting the statistics once the 200mb bank of data starts over each month. To do that...select cellular data in your ipad settings scroll to the bottom and select “reset statistics”. After that, scroll up and your current Cellular data for the current period should read 0mb. You can then figure out how much FDFL you‘ve used for the month after that.

              • thehac

                Re: Wrong data plan listed in iPad Cellular settings

                I am having the exact same issue. After IOS 12 it changed to no annual contract, yet shows purchased every month. Also haven't been able to log in on iPad because it insists on sending a verification via text to the iPad that when I goto to read it, the Settings page closes and they keep resending it!