RCS Universal Profile support for Pixels (1,2,3,XLs, etc.) any time soon?



    I was wondering if anyone had heard any news about RCS UP support for Pixel devices (or any other unlocked device for that matter).

    From what I could gather RCS UP was rolled out for a select few Samsung phones, with goals for rolling out to more devices by Q4 2017. This goal appeared to be then later pushed to Q2 2018, with people being told to watch the newsroom for updates (implying something soon). It is now Q4 2018 and there has been no news on the topic and I was wondering if there is something I missed or if T-Mobile has just gone dark on the subject.


    As the owner of a Pixel 2 XL I am particularly concerned as Allo (the service my friends and I mainly use) will be deprecated soon with it's core features transferring over to Android Messages with RCS. As such, I was hoping the Pixels would be some of the first devices to receive RCS UP support, considering how hard Google is pushing RCS. Pixels aside, however, I have seen little to no news for any other devices either.


    Any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated!

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