LG Aristo Digit Filter


    Has anyone been able to get the Settings > Call > Call Blocking & Decline with message > Digit Filter to work on an LG Aristo?

    The idea is that you can enter a portion of a phone number to block. For instance, all calls from numbers that start with "281-527 ....."


    What I am experiencing is that I am able to set up a filter starting with 281 527 (see screenshot) but that a call originating from a number starting with 281 527 will pass through the filter and not get blocked. This feature could be great to reduce neighbor spoofing.


    Android 7.0, SW v.M21011b


    LG Digit Filter.png

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: LG Aristo Digit Filter

        I have actually never messed with that setting. This may be crazy, but what if you just put the area code, just for a second and tested it. I wanna see if it is a formatting thing. Definitely do not leave it like that, you don't want to block everyone one from calling you.

          • magenta6944954

            Re: LG Aristo Digit Filter

            Hi Chris,

            thanks for taking time to reply. Unfortunately, the digit filter will not work even when I enter only the prefix. I just tested this by entering digit filter of 281, saving it, and then calling my cell from a 281 area code landline. The call goes through.

            It would be a good feature if it actually worked.

            Regards, Bryce