Program available to test network before signing a plan?


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    I've been thinking of switching from my current carrier and I like what I see with T-Mobile. My only concern is "decent" coverage in a certain area (I don't really need heavy data but the ability to make a call or send a text is key.). My parents have a place in what we call, "The Middle of Nowhere" and while the T-Mobile coverage map shows that the area is covered, my current provider said the same thing and that was not the case (I have to drive 10 minutes to the nearest large town to barely get a signal.). Before committing to a contract with a new carrier, I need to test the network at that location. I've been asking friends and family and none of them are currently on the T-Mobile Network where I could take them back home to test coverage.


    I've heard of carriers offering a burner phone for a few days so you can take it around and check coverage areas. While I think this was a program of the past, I was wondering if T-Mobile offered any such service these days? Like I said, I am looking to switch but cannot if it does not improve my current situation when visiting.


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      • drnewcomb2

        You can look at 3rd party signal mapping sites, like:, and

        Another possibility is to get a temporary prepaid line for one month and test it. What is your current carrier and phone? Is your current phone unlocked?

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        • tmo_amanda

          Hi, Ben!


          I don't blame you for wanting to try our service out before you officially switch over. You should check this out: Lifetime Coverage Guarantee! Let me know if you have any questions after reading it over.  

          • magenta7019212

            Beware of the Tmobile Coverage maps!!!   It's not true entirely!!   Using Tmobile ONE plan,  I live in a suburb east of St. Louis.   We have an Iphone 6S which isn't the BEST band lines to support, but it's one tier below the best.   I switched to Tmobile because of the rates on unlimited versus what I was paying on ATT which was not even unlimited data.   I received help from the staff at a local Tmobile site that worked with me on a temporary phone line I tried for a few days.   They swore up and down how great the Tmobile coverage was now than what I had about 5 years ago when I dropped Tmobile for the same coverage issues.    I didn't have problems really and even had my kids watch videos a few times in the car just to see how it worked.    For the most part,  it worked fine, so I dropped ATT and went to Tmobile for all lines.    Now, all I get is my wife complaining from my wife and kids.    My wife works 10 miles away, gets two full bars on the phone and STILL can't get a call to go through.   My kids complain they have no service, BUT the coverage map clearly paints a pink picture around the entire region being driven.     Staff has been really nice and trying to give tricks like reset network settings and switch airplane mode on and off will help, but honestly,  I can't understand how the staff actually can stand there and praise the service and not be frustrated.  


            I probably wouldn't have switched to Tmobile had they not had the no contract agreement.   I brought all my own phones, so I'm not locked in with Tmobile long term.    You pay for what you get, so I'm not sure the headache of my family complaining all the time, especially my wife, is worth the cheaper rates at this point.   I doubt I make it a full year with them and will likely end up back with ATT at a higher monthly bill because my old plan was no longer even sold.