Cellspot setup issues resolved with WOW Arris router


    After tons of blinking and watching the pot boil for hours (I would keep getting the green power light and amber internet blinking for hours), I decided to start over and go over every configuration.  My current and working setup is that the cellspot is connected directly to my WOW media server router box (made by Arris).  The Arris box has 4 ethernet ports.  One is connected to my router and gets its IP address from WOW's DHCP server; the other I use to connect my pc directly for troubleshooting should I need to and the third is the cellspot now.  I chose to stick with this configuration and can't tell you if this unit works through my wireless Netgear router.  It should if you follow the steps below or if you only have one ethernet port on your cable box, you can also plug cellspot (WAN, Yellow) into cable modem and your router into cellspot's LAN port.


    1st:  Make sure your ISP doesn't block ports. WOW doesn't, mine weren't blocked.  There are troubleshooting guides on this site and others that allow you to check open ports.  So, use that if you need to.  No, you do not need 3rd party tools or utilities to do that, it's a powershell feature in Windows for ex.


    2.  I disabled my firewall on the ARRIs router, this did not help nor was needed.  I now have my firewall on and the unit is still working.  If you are not technical, don't worry about this step.


    3.  I put the cellspot in my DMZ (in Arris settings).  I also reserved the IP address that WOW gave out to the cellspot to its MAC address and hardcoded it in DMZ.  Some people have mentioned they got a static IP address and it worked for them.  Again, once I had the unit working, I removed it from the DMZ and the unit continues to operate so I think once again this is not a step you should have to do.  If you are not technical, ignore this step, you shouldn't need it


    4.  What did work and this is most important.  I reset my Arris box to factory settings because I had locked myself out (long story).  This is how I found out that the only thing that matters in your case is to ensure your options of IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP and block fragmented IP packets are NOT CHECKED.  One of these options was causing an issue in my case - I originally had them checked and upon reset of factory settings, Arris defaulted to unchecked and voila, 30 min later I had the unit working.


    Hope this helps someone.

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