Heavy Data Throttling Only 5 Days Into Prepaid Month


    Only 5 days and about 600 MB into this billing cycle (confirmed by text from T-Mobile when you accepted my last payment), and my data is running close to the speed of a 2400 baud dialup. I’m on a prepaid 10 GB/month 4G LTE plan, and running a 4G LTE device. Got 5 solid bars of T-Mobile signal, but web browsing is pretty much unusable, and a 100 MB file download is taking hours.


    Rebooted the device, reconnected, and no difference. No excuse for this this. Give me the 10 GB at 4G LTE speed that I already paid you for.

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      • britechguy

        I can't say my situation is exactly the same, but I had something very similar happen on one of my two lines under the 55-Plus plan during the last billing cycle.


        Each line is supposed to have unlimited high speed data on the phones themselves and 10 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot (or tethering) data.  After one of the two lines had maxed out its 4G data, a day or so later the second line was throttled, and I double checked that it was well under its 10 GB limit.


        As you've noted, it makes using anything related to the internet virtually impossible when you go down to 2G speed.  In my area there is no 3G service at all, so you're either at 4G or LTE or down to 2G, which is incredibly frustrating.


        I'm monitoring very carefully this month and opened a ticket with technical support when the throttling occurred when it shouldn't have (though I didn't realize it was throttling at the time, but did the moment that things went back to normal when the billing cycle bumped to the next one).

        • snn555

          I understand you have slow speed but to be clear TMobile classifies LTE as anything over 4Mbps . They classify upload speed at LTE speeds at a quarter to a half of that. I had the same instance happened on a postpaid plan recently where before I used to get 30 down and 15 to 20 up but was seeing almost a tenth of that. they claimed that there was some modernization going on on my usual tower however I don't know what the cause was but it did return as far as speed is concerned.

          Also on these LTE plans we are told we will have data up to LTE speeds which could mean 2G speeds technically.

            • britechguy

              In my case I was, consistently, getting nothing higher than 0.7 Mbps, and typically 0.2 Mbps.  I would actually have been thrilled with even 3 Mbps, which is the rough equivalent of the DSL speeds I had.


              If T-Mobile were to actually deliver 4 Mbps on a consistent basis and trumpet that as 4G/LTE they'd lose customers in droves. 


              Depending on where I am in my little town typical LTE speeds are a low of about 15 Mbps up to over 70 Mbps.  When that drops, like a light switch, to less than 1 Mbps it is, to put it mildly, problematic.

            • tmo_mike_c

              We certainly want you to get the fastest speeds possible. You should take a look at our Slow Internet troubleshooting page for important info about our speeds as well as ways to troubleshoot this issue.

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              • tmo_amanda

                Hey, traveler12!


                We haven't heard back from you since you originally posted this. There has been some helpful info passed along. Have you had a chance to look over any of it -- more specifically the slow internet troubleshooting that MC posted?

                  • traveler12

                    I have yet to see anything “useful” posted in this thread. Already stated here what your “useful” support web pages tell the users to “check.” Nothing more for me to do, since I have the correct device, I’m seeing a 5 bars LTE signal, location is about a mile from nearest residential areas. You already knew that since I assume you read my first post in this thread.


                    So I started to check out just how bad T-Mobile’s data throttling has become. Speedtest.net is reporting a best speed of about 3.46 Mbps down/8.96 Mbps up. It’s not usually that good, and odd that the uplink is almost 3 times faster than the downlink speed.


                    Switching to Verizon Wireless 4G LTE, same location, gets me 44.03 Mbps down/16.96 Mbps up. That’s better than my former home cable internet service.


                    Please stop the “dumb down the customer” routine. It doesn’t work with me. Stop throttling the prepaid data customer and give us the service we ALREADY paid you for.