Drop Calls in Northridge CSUN area California


    I have been a customer for over 5yrs, I understand how networks work. Recently since as of 11/17/2018 we have experience severe but severe drop calls on two devices, Iphone 7 and Iphone 8. My area coverage is near Nordhoff sT and Reseda next to CSUN campus. Anyway, we have never experience this issue so bad as now. Every call and I mean Every call connects and after 8sec it goes quiet and drops. Its extremely frustrating. and I must say that I show 3-4 bars in my area all the time. so its not bad reception.  I have contacted tech support many many times since it began, done all the network resets they ask, reset phones using Itunes, reset IMEI strings, change SIMS cards, AND TWO DAYS AGO SWITCHED OUT PHONES FOR NEW REFURBISHED under our PAID warranty. Yes, received two used phones, and almost immediately issue persist. Tech support believe it was the network, then they believe it was the phones. I turned in my PERFECT new PHONES for used ones. I take pride of ownership with my phones and they are immaculate in status, now I received two refurbished phones that who knows what was done to them. Its like trading your perfect new car for a used car!!!!


    Really, all this GO AROUND to be in the same place with the same issue. I believe its the towers that have gone bad or who know what they did to change the call routing within them, that now my phones don't connect. MUST I SAY That I HAVE PAID OFF MY PHONES, which I believe its a scam to get you to buy new ones. same happened to me on black Friday of 2016 WHEN MY PHONES WAS PAID OFF THAT SAME MONTH .....WHAT A COINCIDENCE THIS IS HAPPENING AGAIN!! I believe its a network issue used to get you to buy new phones.... unless TMobile can fix this issue that has $$$ written all over it, I dont recommend anyone renew or repurchase phones.


    Tmobile, you can contact me

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        Re: Drop Calls in Northridge CSUN area California

        Personally I don't believe it's a scam to get you to buy new phones. If one phone is experiencing an issue but the other is not then I can see that being a phone issue but if both phones are experiencing the same issue chances are it's not the phones. Regardless of that your phones were used and not new except on the day that you bought them so refurbished or new that doesn't really play into the equation except for how you feel that you may have been scammed somehow.


        clearly this is a network issue where you have a great signal but capacity is an issue or perhaps there really is a network issue and not enough people have called to complain about it.


        if you continue to have service issues longer than one billing cycle it's normally recommended to start scouting for a new carrier.


        Of course you can always continue reaching out to T-Mobile to try to rectify the situation in one way or another that leads to your satisfaction.