No outbound calls, inbound and texting okay

    TLDR: Samsung S2 8.0 (SM-T719y) can answer calls, send and receive texts but cannot make calls.


    I'm using a paired digits line in a 4g enabled tablet (SM-T719y). Up until a couple weeks ago, everything was working perfectly--calls to my primary number rang both devices, texts came to both devices and I could make calls and send texts.  I've since lost the ability to make calls from the tablet.  When I press call, the screen momentarily changes to the call screen.  It never rings and the call is ended.  All other functionality is working.


    I stopped into a local store who said they couldn't do anything because their computers had been taken away. On my way out of the mall I stopped at a T-Mobile kiosk to get their thoughts on the issue.  The rep said that the towers in my area (Seattle, Wa) had been upgraded and that some devices just stopped working.  He had me try disabling 4G but using 3G didn't make a difference.  The explanation seemed a little suspicious so I called 611 to get additional help.  I talked with a digits support tech who said that the tower work did not remove any frequencies so things should be working if they were working before.  They "reprovisioned" my device but the behavior persists.  The rep said she filed a ticket (how do I check the status?!) but searching for solutions led me here.


    Any idea what the issue is? I appreciate the help!

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there! Thanks so much for explaining your situation. To give you a quick answer, you are not able to check the status of the ticket on your own but, the specialist that filed the ticket should receive it back once the engineers investigate and they will follow up with you. The turn around time for something like this is about 72 hours or less. If it has been longer than that, you can call us again and we can look up the status of the ticket for you.