Mountains of pennsylvania signal plans?


    I have a camp in somerset county pennsylvania laurel highlands. Does t mobile have any plans to find a way so I can have signal(15538) area code. Phone is a paper weight as it’s no service all the time. Thanks!

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      • magenta7046063

        Forgot to mention as well in 2006 with Cingular I had enoug reception to text and call. Anybody with Verizon here pretty much has 4G almost 90% of time but t mobile is no service. Basically wondering if anybody knows if t mobile has any plans to put in a tower etc or recommending a signal booster?

          • dragon1562

            Just out of curiosity what phone are you using? I looked at the coverage map for the zip which did show fair service which means maybe one bar of coverage or so. I only asked what device you have because if its older and lacking say band 12 it could just be unable to connect to whatever weak service is there. There is no saying whether or not they will add coverage but if they do it will probably be band 71 if band 12 is not already deployed there in which case you need a phone that supports that frequency. Example devices would include the new One Plus 6T or the GS9/+.

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          • drnewcomb2

            What some people do is get a prepaid Verizon hotspot that works on one of those plans where you pay $3 every day you use it. They then use WiFi Calling on their T-Mobile phone. What I do is to keep a PagePlus PAYG active for ~$32/year. This only provides voice and text but it covers my needs for the times I'm outside T-Mobile's coverage.


            As for when T-Mobile plans to build service in any particular place. The engineering department doesn't generally tell anyone else (particularly customer support) about their plans. This way no one can come back and say, "But you promised!!" If you don't make promises (predictions) you can't be accused of breaking them. One way to see if T-Mobile has any plans is to check with local the zoning board if they require approval for cellular antenna installations.

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            • tmo_chris

              Re: Mountains of pennsylvania signal plans?

              Just checking in here to see how things are going. I looked at the area and it is very spotty indeed. I do not see any immediate plans for future upgrades but we do have LTE 700 out there. What kind of phone were you using?