Note 9 unlocked FIRMWARE, will it fix my issues ?


    Im military and I bought a Note 9 and it has a Hong Kong Country code..I didn't know there would be issues with this. Its Dual Sim, Snapdragon, 8gb ram 512 GB memory. I LOVE IT ..however, I have some issues. I'm using it on T-Mobile but I have noticed a few things i dont have that my Note 8 has. I dont have VoLTE, no wifi calling, no video calling, Samsung Pay ads and promos are for Hong Kong. Ugh. I'm sure theres more, but this is what I've found so far. I found the T-Mobile USA Firmware online, can I flash this and it fix my problems ? Or am I just stuck now ? Thanks.


    I found an app called DUO to get around the wifi calling and video. What about VoLTE ? SPay works for now. Just annoying what else can I use to get around these issues ?

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