Moving my number over to TMobile


    I just signed up for TMobile and was waiting for AT&T to unlock my phone, which they just did. I have a TMobile SIM with a different number. How do I insert the SIM and then change the number to my existing number (that I brought from AT&T)?

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      • snn555

        Re: Moving my number over to TMobile

        You need a T-Mobile SIM that has already been programmed to your number. if you can reach out via social media like Facebook Twitter a store or a phone call to T-Mobile you can give them the Sim number of the card and have that Sim registered to your phone number with T-Mobile. if the Sim has already been assigned to another number such as you got this from somebody else and not the store or directly from T-Mobile it may not work.

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          • sandruha

            Re: Moving my number over to TMobile

            So just to update everyone, the process was pretty simple. I put the new SIM from TMobile with the temporary number into my phone and then dialed 611. Got through to T-Mobile and explained that I need to move my AT&T number over to this SIM. They asked me for my AT&T account number and pin and then moved it over. Took ten minutes. AT&T immediately closed my account but I called them and confirmed. Easy Peasy.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Moving my number over to TMobile

            Hi there. Have you reached out to the Social folks as suggested above? Please let us know what happened. Thanks.