Why is my data so slow in Costa Mesa/Santa Ana area?


    I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile because AT&T's customer service was so horrible and have been here for a while.  Data rates were always slow but I had an older Note 3 that I had for a while so TMo support kept blaming it on my phone so I put up with it for a while longer then finally broke down and bought a Note 8 at Costco and boy what a difference! Actually there was no difference at all. I'm still getting 1mb/sec download speeds on LTE regardless of being indoors or outdoors and trying to load web pages is giving me flashback to my early 90's dial up days. I wish that was an exaggeration but it's not. sometimes I can't even get pages to load sometimes and end up giving up.  Whenever I call them to complain they always tell me that there's no congestion in my area and everything should be fine and then blame my phone telling me I have too many apps running in the background taking up bandwidth, which is a bunch of crap.  I have hardly anything installed on my new phone. No Facebook or chat apps at all. I text everyone. No instagram or snapchat.  Just a couple PAID games and apps with no ads which I barely ever user. The note also has excellent battery management. I only charge twice a week, which pretty much tells me I'm not running a bunch of apps sucking bandwidth. You guys really need to stop blaming the customer and face the fact that your network stinks. I see a lot of posts of people complaining that they have slow speeds in this area but nothing has been done about it for literally years.  Verizon and AT&T are getting ready for 5G but you guys haven't even gotten 4G down yet so you're way behind. I never thought I'd say this but I think I have to go back to AT&T. As long as I don't have to call them for anything their service works and I think right now, that's a much better deal.  I'm the customer, I'm not your *itch. Stop treating me like I am.

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