Need tips on how to get coverage like the coverage map says


    I switched all 5 family phones to Tmobile just recently over the past two weeks.    The coverage map is entirely pink, mid-pink or dark pink in the primary areas of where I live east of St. Louis, MO, USA.  My phones are Iphone 6S , so they aren't the best, but they certainly aren't stone age either.   The Tmobile site even promotes the sell of Iphone 6S because of the 700 MHz band for the Extended LTE range it offers.    Although our entire area is blanketed with Fair, Good, and Great coverage,  we have pockets between major town arteries that will not allow a phone call.   In a recent instance,  my wife drove 10 miles to the next major town, had two Tmobile bars , and STILL couldn't get a phone call to process.     She complained two days ago while standing in the kitchen that her friend kept saying she was breaking up.    My wife's phone has Wifi calling even set up and we have two Tmobile bars all the time at our house.   My kids complain they have no service just a mile from my house on the same stretch of road.    This is flat cornfield country!  No mountains to block signals.


    I'm glad I had my own phones and don't have any contracts with Tmobile because I'm not sure I can stay and listen to the complaints from my family.   Is there anyone that has tips where I can be a hero and not a zero for this family that could improve the signal problems??

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