I enable scam block on my phone but is blocking too many legitimate calls and now nothing that I tried disables it?


    I recently got an at&t unbloked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge I enabled scam blocking because I was getting too many scams calls but now mostly every legitimate call is getting sent to voicemail. I don't have call forwarding on, I tried to disable it by dialing #632# it says it processing but next day comes and someone calls my son asking why I don't pick up the phone when the call never reach me. I called t-mobile and they had me reset the network settings and they disable scam blocking thru the website. I even entered the APN manually thinking It was the problem since a lot of the time I wasn't getting 4g or data. But that didn't work either. I don't know what I should do next, should I factory resest my phone will that help? I feel like theres nothing I could do on my end since calls are being blocked before they even reach me. Also I can't just enable scam id since this is a phone from another carrier and it won't work. Anyone know what I should do? I believe it was working fine before I enabled scam blocking, I think I could deal with scam callers calling me if that means that I wouldn't miss any important calls.

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