Wireless Calling Help for Model LG VS986LD Series LG G4 V


    Does anyone know how to get wireless calling to work on Model LG VS986LD Series LG G4 V? The salespeople in the T-Mobele store in Paducah, KY said it would work but after driving the 50 miles home I soon discovered it does not. When I called the store back I found that they could care less and said they had cheap phones I could buy that would work. I specifically asked if my phone I bought from Verizon would be compatible with T-Mobile specifically for wireless calling because at my home I get little to no cell service before I made the decision to switch from Verizon.

    Sure! No problem. Sign up with us. I also financed a new phone with them so both my husband and I could have phones and would qualify for 55 and older plan.

    I was told the LGG4 (from Verizon) would work and they switched it over to T-Mobile in the store (I thought).

    There is nothing T-mobile about it. I get zero service (bars) and it will not connect to wireless calling so I can not call or text. This same phone did all of this with Verizon before.

    It even opens with the Verizon screen still. Anyway, I really can't afford another new phone  (cheap or not) nor can I afford to pay even more per month on a bill. I want the LG G4 to work with wireless calling using our wifi like I was assured it would. Any help out there, please? There is sure no help at T-Mobile. I regret switching from Verizon. It was limited data but I at least could send a text to my grandkids. I have no call or text capabilities at my home now.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hi, geneveve2!


        It sounds like you weren't given all of the info when bringing an unlocked non T-Mobile device over to our network. When you use an unlocked device you'll likely still see the original carrier's theme and apps installed on your phone. WiFi calling can be tricky and is definitely necessary in some areas, however, the feature isn't available on all non T-Mobile phones. You can read more about that here: Wi-Fi Calling from T-Mobile



        Depending on your area, you may benefit from a signal booster which doesn't require a monthly cost. The only thing that concerns me about its function is that you aren't able to pick up a single bar of signal at home.