please   help nooo one is helping i used my ugrade i have the payment history  now im told return it rebuy it u do qualify u dont .. please this guy added a line chnaged my plan and deleted my iphone that is now gone but if you were already a part of that plan i read all night bc these have me so confused and im right i got so screwed and they wont give my money back my account is 20 paid over i have 2 phones  i have had the XS for 3 days my account i frozen i was suppose to transfer my datd bring it to the store hadn in my phone get the promotion that i qualify but when i call i have to read them the promo and since i have the jump benefit that this guys said i didnt i got a notification that hey upgrade for free to the xr or xs no idea these phones came out but i went on my app it said tmobile due to my jump beneifts was buyimg 8 plus and i could upgrade no need i thought it was nice then omg i have 2 phones lines he canceled my iphone program that i was in that is how i got the upgrade it no exists but if u were apart they still honor but no cares because i still have2 phones he told me security deposit 375 i never ever pay anything but fine he said u hand in the phone once u get the new  2 day shipping cool right.. okay so now i am told i dont qualify and i need to keep both lines adn im not getting the promo or my plan WHAT.... Im realy about to freak this not cool i over paid  my bill been patient these ppl i been all night because i have no phone and 500 down basically 97 pill they hit me 19 .. twice then 375 which i was planning on getting last night till this lady on the phone told i made up that plan and im nothing be done what... PLEASE WHAT THE HECK I READ EVERYTHING ALL NIGHT BC I CANT ANYMORE AND I EVEN SEND THEM THE PROMO CODE AND THE DESCRIPTIOM WHICH SIPPORTS WHAT IM SAYING AND THEY JUST SORRY I AM REALLY ABUT TO CRY THIS IS AWFUL LAST THING I NEED HOW DO I EXPLAIN UM IM STUCK WITH 2 PHONE LINES FROZEN AND MY MONEY GONE WHAT TO DO I ALSO LIVE ALONE DEALING WITH A LOT AND I DONT KNOW IF ANYONE IS TRYING REACH ME I HAVE NO MONEY AND I DNT GET IT BECAUSE I HAVE THE LINKS AND MY RECEIPT STATING IM RIGHT  WHY WOULD HAVE 2 PHONE LINES 2 IPHONES.. HELPPPPPPP PLEASE 3 DAYS

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      • tmo_chris

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        Hey magenta7053892


        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! We are here to help! I read through your post several times but I am still having a hard time understanding what exactly is going on. It sounds like there is a multitude if issues here and it would be super helpful to me as well as anyone else here on the community that may want to reply to you if you were able to break up your concerns into smaller sections.

        • magenta7914502

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          any way possible to talk / chat / send smoke signals to a real person when there is no service on the phone?