4G LTE CellSpot draws mbps from my home wifi, why?


    I was giving my internet provider a hard time about the bad service I have been getting and it turns out that my cellspot is dragging down my home wifi mbps by over half.

    Help, it is hooked up properly.

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      • snn555

        You're LTE cellspot uses your ISP for transmission of data calls texts and anything else you do with your phone. that is why it is able to work because without your ISP the cellspot does not work. Any T-Mobile customer that is within range of the cell spot can also use it. This will contribute to any speed drain you are witnessing. More users less speed. You cannot prevent anyone from connecting who is a T-Mobile customer.  however this does not mean anybody can use your Wi-Fi because they still have to have the password to your router however there is no administrative privileges or settings for the cell spot.

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