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    So this is primarily for all those folks out there who got

    onto this site in order to find out if T-Mobile was the right

    carrier for them, folks just like me, who are not phone fancy

    but shop around to find out if this very company will fit

    their needs better than others.



    Don't get confused with all the 'community' mock up, a short

    survey on the various chapters (support/ lounge/ reception.) of this

    site, as well as the contributors and the visitor stats will show that

    there is not much of common in these unities and it is mostly marketing.

    Customers have problems and do or don't get help

    by people on the magenta pay roll.




    I got here 4 years ago, needed a phone with good data rates, found

    a special offer only sold by Walmart in coop with T-mobile, 5GB of data

    with 100 minutes of calls. Yes 100 minutes - life is possible with just that.

    And all this for 30 bucks prepaid.




    About 2 months ago, when the data rate dropped to laughable

    speeds (0.017 mbps up-and downstream)., which is about as far away from the

    advertised 4G as a crawling maggot from a pink (magenta) panther..




    So I call customer service, get told my phone is not 4G (first

    service person) and this causes the problem. I reply my phone is 4G

    (she says, 'I know') and although not being fast, I could google

    stuff or go on wiki without major coffee brakes. She hands me over to a tekkie,

    who says, 'yes something must be done', and offers me credit for suffering

    bad reception. However she will put me to her coworker, after taking

    my location (Central valley, Ca). I get a ticket number and off goes the journey.


    It lasted over two hours, waiting, talking, getting kicked out, calling again, always

    needing to tell the whole story, all the ID stuff a.s.o. and finally credit of 10 bucks and

    a promise, that a technician will check my area within 3 days and I will be contacted.




    Almost 2 months pass by, nothing changes on the bad reception, so I call again.

    “Your phone is not 4G” is the conclusion. No matter how many G, it was not too slow

    until 2 month ago, and also how can it be my phone 'Coolpad Rogue' is not 4G if it says

    so on the box and on my contract.?




    The guy (Albert) is real, tries different adjustments, and even calls back after one of the

    efforts put my phone on airplane mode. In the end he gives up and concludes my phone is not

    and has never been 4G!!! I say so what? He replies he wants to talk to his manager and maybe after

    4 years of some Gs but surely not 4G as my phone package and the T-mobile website claimed, something\compensation might be available.




    I wind up with *Bautist.., the very smooth and sweet-talking manager who 'understands... 4 years.. long

    time' and after consideration of the whole situation finds, that 'T-Mobile will you give

    you a new phone.. a smart phone.. ever heard of these?” All I have to do,is go to the next T-Mobile store with my ID and ticket number and they will have a free phone for me that works.



    Great. Thank you.

    What I winded up with a couple hours later was the holiday special offer, with a 2 year contract,

    $50 month, $100 upfront and they would give me that free phone..

    No. Thank you.

    I do have a working phone, calls fine, no cracks, fast on wifi..

    And I do have an idea, after reading the booklet which came with it,

    Seattle Washington District Court, small claim of $500, can be done online,

    However not from this phone, might take years to arrive there at the given

    data rate..

    T-Mobile the Un Carrier.. Got it. THX

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      • snn555

        Re: ERROR 500 Please come back soon...

        What's all this talk about a contract? There's no such thing. You may have gotten a two-year equipment installment payment plan. Nonetheless.....I do pretty good with unlimited everything for $40 a month.


        this is a community forum where some T-Mobile employees chimed in from time to time but again this is for customers by customers. I'm not an employee I am a customer.


        I'm not real sure after reading all of that exactly what the problem is. Or what it may have been.


        As far as the Coolpad goes that was a pretty ancient device with a very slow modem and performance was rather abysmal. so expecting to get the best of service out of that particular phone was somewhat optimistic.

          • magenta7070509

            Re: ERROR 500 Please come back soon...

            This is about lies and fraud.

            Like going into a fast food and ordering a cheeseburger from

            the menu.

            Doing this over and over, month per month for 4 years.

            Wondering at times,because it does not really taste a lot like cheese,

            still keeping going there.

            Then one day, you find out they changed the rules so that you can only sit

            in the lounge if you have cheese on your burger and - for some obscure

            (abysmal if you so will) reason they won't let you sit down.. (no reception to speak off)


            You talk to the manager and he replies you got no cheeseburger, the

            white stuff is just onions.  But no worries, just go to the cook and he'll have free cheese for


            So you go to the kitchen and all they have is a 2 years supply of cheese that you have to buy..

            My Coolpad said 4Gs (cheese) on the box,(still got it), my plan says 5GB at 4G, my town (30 minutes from the Bay Area),

            has 4 towers of this company in my immediate vicinity. Still no cheese..


            As stated before, this about people coming to a restaurant, looking at the menu, at the magenta lounge, and wondering

            if they should order. And about what the food they actually get is like, and how they care for cheese (4Gs)..

          • syaoran

            Re: ERROR 500 Please come back soon...

            Shopping around is a good thing!  Personally, I am only loyal to a company as long as they give me the best deal and have decent service.  Once that stops, I start looking else where.


            Switching is designed to be frustrating for a reason.  It works on most seniors to keep them trapped with one company. 


            T-Mobile's marketting is just that.  Marketting!  Some marketting appeals to some more than others.  Millennials are the most gullible demographic in the world today.    Promises that are too good to be true is what suckers them in with ease.