HELP:  My Samsung S8 is Frozen on Android Recovery Screen



    I have a problem!


    My phone was acting quite sluggish, even after using the Device Maintenance App.  I thought that it might be that I needed to go to Android OS and Wipe Cache Partition

    So I turned my phone off and then using the Power, Volume Up & Bixby Key, I rebooted; when I got the Android screen, I held down the power button (like I've done before) and the Android Recovery screen appeared.  Now, rather than be able to maneuver up and down the screen with the Volume Up and Down key, the phone is frozen.

    I have tried holding different combination of the keys down -- all to no avail.

    As I said my phone is an S8, running Android 8.0 and my carrier is T-Mobile and I have the most current OTA update from T-Mobile -- unfortunately, I can't provide specifics because of the frozen phone

    How do I get out of this -- I need some help so I reclaim my phone


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      • theartiszan

        If you press and hold volume down and power for about 10 seconds you should be able to force shutdown and start it normally again.

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        • rsnic



          Thank you very much for your response -- good to know!


          Well, I took a slightly different tact, but it worked.  I kept the phone on (I had no choice as I couldn't turn it off) and let the battery drain.  Then I plugged phone into charger and the phone came on in the "Android update screen" (blue with the Android icon).  I then pushed & held the power button and the phone rebooted -- PHEW!!


          What I still can't figure out is what caused the problem.  I only warnings had a few minor warnings.  First, when I sent someone a text message, I got a red message that said message didn't go through and press again -- only to find out from recipient that they had received it twice.  Second, the phone took a great deal of time connecting to the internet; had to back out the first timer and then retry.  Finally, this last problem also applied to Apps that have their data up on the net.  That is why after running Device Maintenance App, I was trying to clear cache.


          Any ideas?

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            • syaoran

              Personally, I don't use the maintenance apps installed by Samsung or any third party ones.  They are all trashy bloarware!  Many OTA's over time can cause issues.  Use Samsung's KIES or ODIN to reflash rhe latesr firmware for your device.  Make sure the process also factory resets it when complete  

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