Moved from Verizon to take advantage of BOGO for Galaxy S9, been having trouble ever since.


    First off let me state, I had high hopes for switching to T-mobile, I hadn't been with them since the mid 2000's but was excited to take advantage of an offer that would essentially get me a free Galaxy S9 + so my wife could have a new phone as well.


    Side Note: I work in telecom as a Level 3 VoIP technician and troubleshoot phone and network related issues all day long as my main profession.


    Since I have had my number ported to T-Mobile I have had nothing but issues with service, HPDD, calls drop routinely, one way audio, and various call quality issues... I am wondering if I am on some sort of least cost routing, but namely these issue mainly occur when I am on the phone with my Wife, who we also ported to Verizon and IS ON THE SAME PLAN AS ME. One would think that the other number on my account that was ported over would be the most reliable person to call. However it is the exact opposite. For the most part, calling people who have service with other providers provides a acceptable call experience.


    Usually when calling her I am forced to call her work phone (which is ATT).


    The problems don't stop there though...message notifications from Amazon, Twitter, and several other services. Some of these accounts require that authentication and regardless of providing them every detail under the sun will not let me into my account. In fact as of right now I am unable to get into my Amazon account because I am not getting a text of a call when then are asking me EITHER method of sending me a code to log in.


    Additionally they are stating along with several other people that my calls break up when I am speaking to them.


    This is now becoming much more than an irritation and is costing me valuable time and preventing me from accessing several accounts as well as communicating effectively with friends and family. To be frank, I want out.


    I am very much regretting leaving Verizon where I was also able to take advantage of an Employer discount, all so I could get us new phones. I have contacted T-Mobile about this via phone and the reps force me to go through methods (that as a Specialist) I know aren't related to the issues I'm experiencing. Regardless of this I have gone through the troubleshooting steps and still experience problems.


    I'd be willing to return both phones at this point for a refund so I can go back to my old provider who I know works, I probably just should have been patient and waiting for a BOGO offer from them, but my old phone was giving me so much trouble I wanted a solution now and thought I might be able to save money with T-mobile.



    An extremely unsatisfied and irritated customer,

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, Blake!


        I appreciate you being honest and blunt in your post. It sounds like the switch from Verizon hasn't gone as smoothly as it should have. It also sounds like you're well-qualified to fix network issues which can be frustrating when you have a situation such as yours that can't be solved or having to try steps that you know won't help. I'm assuming that you're outside of the buyer's remorse period (14 days if purchased in-store, 20 days if done online), right? While we do not have account access or the ability to file network tickets via our Support Community, we can provide alternate solutions. As far as the verification texts go, do you know if you have a message block or content block on your account? Fixing those short code texts is usually a pretty simple task.


        From the sounds of it, you're not looking for ways to troubleshoot the issue; you've already spent a great deal of time on this and I don't want to utilize more of your time if you're simply asking what your options are to go back to Verizon while recently purchasing devices.