Make tmomail show sender, not random code?


    I have a monitoring application that sends mail to my phone number at to notify me of urgent issues, so I receive them immediately.


    When I get these messages on my iPhone, the contents of the message are "sender-name / subject line / text" (which is fine), but the bold header is a random code such as 373-0, 294-6, 413-8, 973-6, or the like, for each message.  Occasionally, the system will reuse a code that it used days or weeks ago, so that multiple unrelated messages share a "conversation."  This makes it extremely hard to reconcile all my urgent messages and the order they arrived in. It also generates a new "user" thread for every one of these random codes, making it a real chore to clean up my SMS panel.


    Is there any syntax I could add to the address to supply a string to be displayed in the bold header in place of the random code?  For example, something like sending the messages to so that the bold line says "MONITORINGAPP" instead of 732-5?

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