Port in from at&t but still got the bill.


    I Just port in number from at&t last month. but still got the bill from them. I try the switch to Tmobile but it said unqualified.

    I port in number on Nov26 at the shop and the lady at the shop said I have to do nothing with at&t but the bill is still on. they keep charging me like I'm still with them.

    So, What can i do?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        If AT&T is still sending you bills after you left them, you need to contact them to see why you are getting a bill after you ported out.

        • noanswers

          I have the same problem when I did the switch to Tmobile in the store may I say.

          i was told it would be a smooth transaction and that for doing the switch they would pay off one of my phones (device).

          i said good, please make sure i have nothing outstanding wilth at&t . now I still see it in my monthly bill/

          I'm.Not a happy camper as pf a recent letter i received from collections saying i OWE $945.00 for a device that was never paid for from AT&T.

          Why is Tmobile doing this to people who come to them and why can't i get this resolved with some straight forward answers????