4G connection, 4 bars strength but no data


    I have had an LG V20 for a couple of years now. Lately it has been acting really strange. It doesnt mater if I'm outsite or inside of a building it will show 4 bars of 4G LTE signal, but email/web pages wont loat. Even texting or calling is spoty at best. I went into the networks and manually verified i am connected and registered on a T-Mobile network, and reset the network connections but it still wont work. In the past I was able to get it to work by turning airplane mode on then off or resetting the phone completly but now that wont work either.

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      • snn555

        Re: 4G connection, 4 bars strength but no data

        You might try a factory reset and if that doesn't fix the problem you may have a hardware issue. It is possible that the modem is not communicating properly with the antennas.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: 4G connection, 4 bars strength but no data

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          Are you seeing the signal fluctuate or stay solid? I'm also curious if you've tested the data in other areas or just one location. A reset could fix this if it's a phone issue so please keep us posted on how things are going.

            • navyguy2007

              Re: 4G connection, 4 bars strength but no data

              It does fluctuate sometimes. Today for example I was able to text with my wife, it was slow and wouldnt download pics she sent me, but it worked. Then I got a voicemail without the phone going off at all for a call, but when i tried to listen to it the signal went from 4 bars to one, then dropped the call. When I tried to call back it said "Emergency calls only" and showed only 2 bars with no lte. I turned on airplane mode and back off and it went to full 4g lte but wouldnt connect at all to voicemail when I tried to call back. It does this in multiple locations, work, home, outside, inside. If I am connected to wifi it seams to work fine. I'll give a factory reset a try after i back some stuff up.