Unable to update. Stuck on March firmware release


    Hello All,


    I was using a T-mobile locked Galaxy S8 and was receiving regular updates. I dropped my phone, and had to get a another one. So I opted for refurbished. It's Tmobile version of S8 Unlocked G950U. I can say it's Tmobile version, because I see Tmobile logo on boot.


    So when it comes to firmware updates, every time I look for updates on phone, it says 'The device is up to date'.  I'm on G950USQU2CRB9, which according to Tmobile is released on 'March 19, 2018'. There has been 6 updates since then, but not sure why my device won't update either automatically or manually.I been trying to update my phone for 2 months, haven't received any updates. I even tried updating using Smartswitch on PC, but no luck so far.


    I know I can manually download and apply updates, but looking to see if there is a fix.

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