Visual Voicemail through MyT-Mobile broken/404'ed. Why??


    Contacted CS about this last week, broken link to visual voicemail within my acct, got a ticket on the issue, but now they cut off my SMS service completely for complaining and just to be extra cruel turned off my phone's vm icon, so now when it doesn't ring, I get ZERO notice that anyone called me. (People I know got tee'ed off that I didn't get their messages, Thanks TM!) Yeah, I also get that bit where the phone won't ring half the time when I get a call. Got plenty of bars; same issue happened with my old Lumia SP but never with my old Nokia flip ph. same TM acct. Now I've tested the SMS ten times today and got NOTHING! If the website or service is just plain down, TELL ME. This is the worst I've every had it w/TM. Ticket # 21878469 if you care. PEOPLE NEED TO REACH ME!!

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      • snn555

        Try your SIM card in another tmo phone and vice versa.  May be a SIM card problem.


        Are you using Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry?

          • seeingredoverpoorservice

            There's not a darn thing wrong with my SIM card.. TM sabotaged my account!!! I have a Lumia 950 if that helps. It's TM's equipment and website that has the issues!

              • snn555

                Well I can't really do anything about the paranoia you feel if you really think TMobile sabotage your account so that you wouldn't have service however I have had multiple SIM cards go bad before. Indications that the SIM card was at fault included text message failure to send and or receive as well as phone calls and data, voicemails were also an issue.

                  • seeingredoverpoorservice

                    Can I add you to the list of people that won't listen to me?? There is nothing wrong with my phone or SIM. I can call out! The phone will ring, about "half the time." The other half of the time it goes "straight to VM." (That's an old issue that's never been solved.) Over a week ago the T-Mobile website started having a problem whereby when you are logged in your 'account' at the "MY T-Mobile" screen, when you click on "Voicemail" it goes to an internal "404/Page not found/Broken link" page. My Edge browser on the phone does the same thing only it just shows the generic "totally blank/nothing to display" page.  After I issued a complaint to the PTB at tech support, three days later they shut off my SMS and VM alert signal to my phone! You just don't understand: TM did this, I changed NOTHING on my device.  No settings, nothing!! And "Visual Voicemail" does not work at all from their website ON EVERY DEVICE I LOG IN ON, no matter WHERE FROM or what OS platform!!! I wish it were paranoia, but it's not!! I recall that just getting TM's service to work *at all* after purchasing the service/SIM 5+ years ago was about as difficult and frustrating as this problem, if you care to know! No paranoia at all, just plain INCOMPETENCE from the carrier!!!

                      • tmo_chris

                        Hey there. I can assure you that we would never purposefully disable any of your services. I think that there is a huge misunderstanding here and we need to get to the bottom of it. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team as we will need to do a full visual audit of your account to ensure everything is in place. 

                          • seeingredoverpoorservice

                            What I finally had to do was spend over a half hour trying to convince a technical support person that there was any problem at all with their system/equipment/website that was preventing my SMS and VM indicator signal from functioning and that it was not my device that was a fault. So what finally happened was they "refreshed" my service, which after doing this all of the lost texts came rushing onto my phone and the VM icon came back up. There is still the long unresolved issue of some calls not coming through but the calls instead going straight to VM, and the sudden inability to access the website's 'Visual VM' service for my acct from 'MyT-Mobile,' no matter what platform I try to access this from.  How can I convince the PTB that it's TM's fault with thier systems and it's not an issue at my end??  BTW, I will never, ever, in a million years submit myself and/or any of my devices to go on and use "Facebook" or "Twiter" (HA!) which function simply as e-vectors to siphon up sensitive personal and preferential data from the unsuspecting masses, to monetize and do other inconceivable evil thing with. ( Why does a billion dollar enterprise like TM even need to employ these third-party entities to engage with their customers when you have an entire, well-trafficked web-address at your disposal to do these same things, and it wouldn't put users at risk for the compromise of their personal data I've mentioned?? ) Something I'll never understand!!

                              • tmo_chris

                                I am super glad to hear that you were able to get your messages! It sounds like the messages were stuck because the network was unable to locate your phone and not that it was purposefully turned off. The network refresh they did basically kicks your phone off the network and your phone attempts to reconnect. Once it is reconnected, any messages that could not be delivered are then sent to the phone since the network can see it again. This typically happens where the device is not getting enough signal to maintain a constant connection and sometimes it gets stuck and cannot reconnect.


                                This same issue could also be the cause of your intermittent incoming calls failing. On average, do you notice that your phone shows that you have little to no coverage? If so, does this seem to happen more frequently when you are in a specific area?


                                As for the Facebook or Twitter avenue, that was just a suggestion. We still have a fully staffed support team over the phone and through our online chat. I only suggested it because here on a public community forum, we are unable to securely access your account.

                    • magenta3349354

                      VM voicemail link on WEB site STILL broken and STILL gives 404 error.  Not a sim problem on MY phone either.    This is a website problem.   I logon to my account (prepaid account), click VOICEMAIL link on my-tmobile and get a 404 error.      Happens whether I have a voicemail waiting or not.    As original poster mentioned, this has been broken for some time and many of us are waiting for it to get fixed.   On one machine, it gives 404 error.  And another gives DNS error but either way, the voice mail page does not come up.


                      Link from my-tmobile is trying to send me to:



                      nothing in that link is sim related, device related, etc.  Just doesn't resolve.   Something is broken on t-mobile site.   Please have a website admin look at what's wrong.   Has been going on for some time.


                      I've seen the exact same indicator problem on my prepaid phone but I'm not complaining about that this time....  This is a web site issue which is the point of this original thread.  I've complained about the indicator on my phone also but would like to see site fixed as well.