Cant receive photos from iphone users on my Note 9


    My husband and I both upgraded to the Note 9 a few months ago and neither of us can open or view images sent through texts from iphone users. Is there a way this can be fixed? Please help.

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      • aiharkness

        I'll offer a suggestion that may get you to a solution.  I'm not in your exact situation, and I don't know if the upgrade has anything to do with the problem or not.  But check and see if the image files you are receiving are HEIC files.   They will have the file extension heic instead of for example jpg.   If that is the issue, then see if you can install a viewer for HEIC images.


        Caveat:  I don't use Android or iOS.  The HEIC issue comes to mind because I ran into it myself when children got new iphones and we began getting pictures from them in this format. 

          • jnicole03

            I tried to check but it's just a box with an arrow to download image and when I click to download it just says network error occurred. It doesn't do that though if I get an image from another android user though.

              • syaoran

                This reminds me of something.  When roaming, this can happen when you don't have the app set to automatically download MMS messages while roaming.  If those messages are not dowloaded within a couple of hours, they time out.  Are you roaming?


                In the Samsung Messages App, go to the 3 dots in the top right corner, Settings, Chat Settings.  There are a couple of options there to look at.  Multimedia Limit should be set to: Automatically Accept All.  Image Size should be set to: Best Available.  Going back to Settings, go to More Settins, Multimedia Messages, and make sure Atto Retrieve and potentially Roaming Auto Retrieve are on and that Restrictions are set to: Free.

            • syaoran

              My cousin and another friend of mine send me pictures and videos to my Note 9 regularly.  I have never had an issue receiving them or viewing them.