BT device to use on Stylo 3 Plus. Any suggestions?


    I just read some comments regarding Bluetooth headsets for LG phones. It wasn't pretty. I am asking for suggestions from members who own the Stylo 3 Plus. After being a drummer for several years my hearing is kinda shot. Not looking for an expensive BT device. I am a caretaker for my wife, and when I am out and about I need to be able to hear the call. Hey, thanks for any suggestions.

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      • snn555

        It's been a long time and several devices and iterations of BT standards since I had any issue with BT devices honestly.


        If you are looking for a headset to communicate with, finding something that is comfortable is key.  Example, in ear or on ear or over ear?


        I have used cheap Symphonic in ear with ear hook for $25 to LG Tone 750 in ear around neck as well as in ear stick type Moto earpieces.


        For talking, the single stick and for music the Tone or 2 piece types.  Just my preference. Most all buds and in ear types come with 3 different size ear pads.


        Over ear types use more battery juice than in ear.  In ear can block out some noise.  Fortunately, I use phones with headphone jacks, so I usually use flatwire Skull Candy buds .

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