Why won't a Chromecast update through a T-Mobile hotspot?


    I have been through the phone support, the chat support, had T-Mobile AND Google on the phone at the same time. Still no answers from T-Mobile.


    First let me explain what I do. I teach continuing education night classes that are in various locations all over the country. To run my PowerPoint presentation I use a Chromecast plugged into a projector, my phone as a wifi access point (hotspot), and my tablet with Powerpoint. I push the presentation from the tablet, through the phone, to the Chromecast.


    Everything works great until there is an update for the Chromcast. T-Mobile has the needed ports for the updates BLOCKED! My Chromecast becomes useless until I find a wifi network I can attach to, factory reset the Chromecast, reconfigure the Chromecast for the available network, update the Chromecast, factory reset it again and then configure it to my phone. This is a pain in the neck! The first year using the Chromecast updates over T-mobile's network worked fine. The last 8 months they don't!


    Why are the needed ports to do updates blocked on T-mobile's network? WHY? Blaming Google for this doesn't cut it! Telling me that the Chromcast is 100% compatible with T-Mobile's network when it isn't doesn't cut it either!

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