Havnt been able to pay bill now service is deactivated


    For the past week I havnt been able to pay my bill, it keeps coming back with "unknown error occurred" I've tried all my cards possible and some friends and family's and even tried charging just $1 to each to make sure it's not an issue of the cards being declined. I don't know why I can't pay my bill and even more why is service canceled now??? If y'all don't want my money it's ok I'll go with another carrier, paying $75 each month per line without any discount for each line to get 1 or 2 bars if I have service where I live now isn't worth it anyway. And still havnt gotten my free Netflix and it was supposed to be resolved "very soon" about 6 months ago I'm just done with it and the  deactivation fees on top of rushing the next pay-period on with my "supposed" past due balance. I see no logical reason in even now giving $1. I'm obviously going to get a Generalistic "robot" response but if these fees and rushed Past due balance  amounts arnt retracted then don't expect anything at all this is ridiculous

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      • dc5fan

        Well, if you want to pay it have you tried to go to a T-Mobile store?

          • snn555

            Or you could use someone else's phone and since you know the password to the account there shouldn't be a problem calling from another phone.


            There is however a service charge for calling in a payment. Oh and you can also use the app or the website. and of course as stated previously you could visit the store.

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              • dc5fan

                If I have to pay to talk to someone for a payment on account I find another way. I appreciate that info. Like I said the site, app, and a visit to the store is all I need. I am still trying to get my arms around with some/ a lot of customers having a problem trying to access either site or app.

                  • syaoran

                    Does your bank have any restrictions on out of state purchases?  My girlfriend's bank flags anything outside of the state of her home branch.  T-Mobile being based out in Washington State and us being out in Virginia.  I use my Visa to pay the bill.  It's a long shot, but it seems a little unusual that the card works but is declined by T-Mobile.  International cards can be very hit and miss as well.  Canadian cards seem to be fine though but I don't know how other international cards work in the US system. 

                      • dc5fan

                        I have 2 main CCs. One is tied to a credit union, and one to a Discover. Have you tried to contact your CC and ask them what you want to do? I have used my Discover 4 times to add funds to my account here. I have had no problems to any of the transactions. You may want to ask why using your CC here why it's hit or miss. To me it's weird that your transactions with T-Mobile are hit and miss. I have a card that I use for my PayPal account where I have used to pay for purchases from some British ebay  sellers with no problems. Does this help?

                • tmo_chris

                  Hey magenta7357094 


                  Sorry to hear you are having troubles making payments Have either of these cards been used in the past with us? If so, has there ever been time where we were going to charge one of these cards but there was insufficient funds?

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Have you tried through the app and online? You can also make the payment over the phone with one of Care specialists. Please keep us posted on this.

                    • magenta7357094

                      Sorry I'm just getting back to everyone on this but the reason behind my frustration was that I couldn't drive to a store as I'd just had a surgery on both of my feet and couldn't drive anywhere and everyone I knew that could give me a ride was back home in Texas and so I was basically stuck with no way to a store, and also my other line was just beginning a separate travel elsewhere and needed the phone to be on (oddly enough apparently only my line was deactivated) so she was fine and the bill got paid in store by someone out of state and all was resolved in the end.


                      *Also I've ever ever used 2 cards to pay on Acc and for some reason I just wasn't allowed to pay my bill so wasn't a new card  causing issues, but with the error that wasn't declining the attempts to pay I'm still curious why they never triggered anything in the system to let y'all know I was trying to pay but it wouldn't let me especially after so many attempts by so many cards by the end of the time frame