Slow datastash for years...


    For years I've had a tmobile hotspot.  For years I've accumulated rollover in my datastash.  I can never use it.

    It only operates at glacial, unusable speeds.  I have a 14g plan.  Sometimes I run out, since I now have an online job.

    It kicks into datastash.  It's super slow.  It's unusable...I call tech, get a different answer for TWO YEARS.  I've probably lost 100 gigs of data in rollover

    that I can't use at high speeds.  I've talked to multiple tech people.  Multiple engineers.  The last told me the tower closest to me was

    being worked on because of my multiple trouble tickets.  No other internet option out here.


    I get on Facebook and message a tmobile assistant.  After several posts, not understanding the problem, she finally gets it!  Tells me to try another tower, could be location.

    I go into town to test a different tower.  Still slow data in datastash.  So the tower closest to my residence isn't the problem. Progress at understanding!

    I figure the tower is not the issue.  Get back to Facebook person.  They are gone until tomorrow!

    I have no high speed internet and a job.

    So, once again, I'll purchase more data, it will start working and I'll accumulate more rollover that I can't use.

    At this point I have 28 gigs.  Lost several gigs the last two months in reset. Always do.  Probably untold amounts over the last two years.

    Tmobile can't fix this.  It's been years of calling and trouble tickets.  It's unresolvable.  Tech tells me it's on "red alert"....whatever.  So what.

    Red alert.  Is that a joke?


    Service, other than this unresolved problem is great.  At this problem, Tmobile is continually incompetent.  So, I'm resorting to grumpiness.

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      • magenta7343104

        Re: Slow datastash for years...

        ....and another "reset your hotspot" isn't useful.  I'm not doing it anymore.

        • tmo_lauren

          Re: Slow datastash for years...

          Grumpiness is pretty reasonable at this point.


          Have you had a chance to follow up with your T-Force rep through Facebook? They're often better equipped to help with weird issues, and have a rock solid paper trail so nobody can be confused about what's been done or not.



          • magenta7343104

            Re: Slow datastash for years...

            Trying on Facebook has helped.  Although I had to REALLY try.  They are now sending a new SIM card to try out.  I do hope it works, but honestly, two years to suggest trying out a new sim card or another hotspot was what I was suggesting way back then.

            Hopefully it will be fixed.  Great service, other than this continual issue and all that lost data.

            What really bugs me, is how different reps told me different things.  Several told me datastash was slow speeds only...or slow speeds if you used x amount on your regular plan, or the tower has issues, etc.  Apparently, none of these were true.

            When I talked to engineers, they seemed nice and genuinely trying to figure it out, but after the trouble ticket, I never heard from anyone again.  The process would just start over, month after month, after year.

              • tmo_lauren

                Re: Slow datastash for years...

                As much as I'd like to pretend all reps are going to give accurate info every time, there can definitely be discrepancies. That's why I always suggest T-Force since the paper trail of what has been advised previously is there for any rep who gives more info, verbatim.


                Keep us updated on whether or not the SIM work!



              • magenta7343104

                Re: Slow datastash for years...

                New SIM didn't work.  New hotspot didn't work.  Tried multiple locations.  Tmobile reviewed my account and said it was basically an anomaly on my account and nothing further could be done.  There were no restrictions on their end and apparently nothing on my end that should be causing the glacial datastash speed.  No solution, as I had come to figure.  So datastash doesn't work on my hotspot...mine alone mind you.... and there's no answer.

                Service has been great other than this continued issue.  I have to chalk it up and lose a ton of rollover data over the past couple years.

                They did credit me the new hotspot...which I suppose is something.  Really wished this problem could be resolved.

                Can't really consider getting a phone line now as my rollover likely wouldn't work.  Or, if there was a problem, I'd be offered no solution.