I will be going on a cruise and want to know what I will be able to do without extra charges

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      • stevetjr

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        Here are two good links.  Beware most cruise ships have roaming but it is very pricey.  Most countries you will go to if you have T-Mobile One or Simple Choice that has the international roaming you will have roaming in most if not all of the countries you are in.  Just make sure you are away from the cruise ship when you turn in on so your phone doesn't pick up the tower on the ship.  In theory if you pay for the Wi-Fi on the ship you can make Wi-Fi calling and text messages that wouldn't be on cellular just make sure your phone doesn't us cellular.  Iphones are more notorious in jumping back to cellular unless you turn airplane mode on then turn the wi-fi back on where as Android devices you can lock out celluar calling.


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        • syaoran

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          As .entiones, turn off your cellular radio before you get within a quarter mile of the ship.  Purchase a WiFi oackage if one isn't included with your cruise package.  Even at $30 a day for WiFi on a ship will be a heck of a lot cheaper than a ten minutes of calling or data. 

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