“No Service” traveling internationally. Tech support and engineering cannot figure it out


    I am on simple mobile for the past 9 years. My family and I are traveling internationally. We are currently in Guadeloupe, France. All of our lines have “no service“ message. Guadeloupe is Part of the t-mobile countries with service. There are 3 different networks I see that are around me with network selection. however, they are unable to be connected. we all have unlocked phones. Our SIM cards worked in the United States. Other SIM cards work in our phone - tried a SIM card in store and it worked. So, this makes me think it’s a t-mobile problem. However, technical support and engineering can’t figure it out what’s going on.


    Did anyone else have similar problem? What was your solution?


    last time international roaming worked on my lines is oct of 2018 in Spain. Since then I added 2 more lines on my plan. Not else has been changed.


    Finally t-mobile just told me “we don’t guarantee international service, you should be lucky if you get it”. So, i am guessing technical support can‘t help me anymore. Let’s see the online community at work.


    ps why are we not allowed to speak with engineering if this is an engineering problem?!?


    one of the main reasons I stick with tmobile is for their international roaming. If this doesn’t work, might as well go for a more reliable network.

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